When will I be Successful as an Architect?


Many of you students of architecture and architects alike, wonder many a time when will your time to rise and shine as an architect come. The aim of this post shall be to decipher this simple but all important question.


Professional experience in the field for a good number of years is extremely important. Both in terms of winning over clients and delivering as expected. Thus, it is a great idea to work under an good architect before heading out to you start your own firm.



Your personality has a lot to do with your success. A confident,and a well spoken person is likely to do much better than a shy and timid person. Another major factor which will decide your success whether you like it or not is your age. The importance of which though is drastically reducing, has immense importance in the architectural profession. This is mainly because people are more confident in handing over their dream project to older and more experienced architects.



The quantum and quality of information that you have in relation to the field, is a great deciding factor of how fast you shall become a successful architect. Thus, it is a good idea to be unto date and learn as much as you can in relation to your specific field.


Business Acumen- 

Business acumen is something which is largely underestimated by architects as an important factor to achieve success. Ask any successful architect and he/she shall let you know the immense importance of this factor. Thus, in our opinion, business acumen should be considered as necessary and integral as your portfolio.


Financial Backing-

A minimum level of financial backing is required at the time of starting your own company and supporting yourself until you become financially independent. Thus, it is crucial that you plan in advance the minimum amount that you shall require before starting your own practice keeping in mind possible contingencies.



A great way to jump start your success in the field is to network with as many people as you can. This shall give the exposure that you need to take your career to the next level.  Thus, try and attend as many events as you can and promote yourself in every way possible.


Soft Skills-

Your soft skills is what shall separate you from the rest of the crowd. Your communication and presentation skills, personality, negotiating skills, delegation and so on and henceforth shall determine how fast you can rise up the ranks and achieve the success that you deserve.

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