Top 10 Important Monuments You Never Heard of Before


The beauty of ancient Indian monuments is unparalleled. Some of the most well-known landmarks in India have become UNESCO World Heritage sites on account of their beautiful architecture and history. Going beyond the Taj Mahal and the Red Fort, or the famous Sun Temple at Konarak or the majesty of Mahabalipuram, we now explore 10 important monuments in India you’ve never heard of before.

10 important monuments, Indian monuments

#1 Jageshwar Dham

This temple-city is a living monument in its own right. Located around 36 km from Almora, it is the epitome of Kumaoni architecture and heritage. A massive 124 temples dedicated to Lord Shiva are part of this monument city. Some of these dates back to the 9th century. Jageshwar is also historically unique, with medieval Hindu architecture spanning across four centuries. Consequently, a magic setting is the result.


10 important monuments, Indian monuments

#2 Amarkantak

At the confluence of the Satpura and Vindhya ranges, Amarkatank is a temple complex with distinctive geometric architecture dating back to the 11th century. The setting lends an enigmatic vibe to the surreal temples and carvings. This includes the Shri Yantra Maha Meru temple, which covers a four-faced facade depicting the goddess Maha Tripura Sundari

10 important monuments, Indian monuments

#3 Talatal Ghar

This is also known as Kareng Ghar and is one of the largest historical monuments in Assam. It is located in Rangpur near Sivasagar. It is presently one of the grandest and most amazing instances of Tai Ahom architecture. In addition, it is the largest of all Tai Ahom monuments. This 17th-century monument is made by Swargadeo Rudra Singha. He was one of the mighty rulers of the Ahom dynasty.

10 important monuments, Indian monuments

#4 Leh Palace

Also known as the Lhachen Palkhar, the Leh Palace is situated atop the Tsemo Hill. This 17th-century former palace of the royal family of Leh was one of the tallest structures with 9 stories in the heydays. The palace is managed by the ASI. It resembles the architecture of the Lhasa Potala palace, specifically its medieval Tibetan style. The palace has carved entrances, spacious rooms, and expansive corridors. The stunning murals on the wall of the palace are breath-taking. Additionally, the Victory tower just beside the palace is another popular landmark.

10 important monuments, Indian monuments

#5 Belgaum Fort, Karnataka

The Belgaum fort is located ahead of a lake in the city from Hambali-Dharward. It was built by Jaya Raya or Bichi Raja, an ally of the Ratta dynasty in line with the Rashtrakutas in 1204 AD. The fort has fine ramparts and large moat, with shrines of gods and goddesses at the entrance.

10 important monuments, Indian monuments

#6 Kiradu Temple, Rajasthan  

Also called the Khajuraho of Rajasthan, it has an architecture which is just as aesthetic. This temple is built in the Solanki style and dates back to the 6th century. Around 5 temples in all are there. Kiradu is a group of temples featuring impressive style and architecture.

10 important monuments, Indian monuments

#7 Laxman Temple, Sirpur

This 7th-century temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It is built by the mother of Maha Siva Gupta Bala Arjuna. The temple has a garbagriha, mandapa, and antarala. The carvings on the doors and walls of the temple are stunning. This is one of the best examples of brick temples of ancient India.

10 important monuments, Indian monuments

#8 Hazardauri Palace

This rare palace dating back to the 1830s is also called Bara Kothi. Its name Hazardauri means the house with 1000 doors. The Palace is situated in Nizamat Kila. The three-storied palace is rectangular on plan and an excellent instance of Indo-European architecture, reminiscent of the Italian style.


10 important monuments, Indian monuments

#9 Virupaksha Temple

This temple in Hampi is an astonishing marvel. The sculptures of Lord Shiva on the stone are the most stunning example of Vijayanagar architecture. Annual festivals of Virupakhsa, Pampa and Hampi are held here.

#10 Rajrappa Temple

Chinnamasta temple, also known as the Rajrappa temple, is a Hindu pilgrimage and it is located in Rajrappa in Ramgarh district of Jharkhand. The deity of Goddess Chinnamasta is the main focus of this temple, hence it’s named. Apart from the main temple, there are 10 temples of various Gods and Goddesses like Hanuman and Lord Shiva. The temple is popularly known for its Tantrik style of architectural design.

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