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Many of you who will be doing their Bachelors in Architecture would be wondering about whether or not to do a masters? Whether one shall attain the qualification from India or from abroad.? And many other associated questions in reference to the topic that is. The aim of this post will be cover this simple but extremely relevant question.

Let us analyze the topic in reference to its pros and cons. So that you can weigh them for yourself and decide whether a masters in architecture is for you or not.


Career Prospects

After doing a Masters, y our career prospects increase a lot. Firstly, your pay scale increases and you find that you  are easily accepted at the bigger firms. A job at the bigger firms is many a time an impossibility without a masters in the field. The second advantage that you get is if you  have your own business. People’s perception of you vastly increases and your prospects with it of landing a project. All of this adds to your career prospects.

World View—

Doing a masters abroad certainly gives you a world view unparalleled to one which you would do in a college in India. This can unlock a number of opportunities for you in terms of new ideas and practice you can benefit from. (Discussed in the next point.)

New Ideas and Practices-

A number of new ideas and  practices literally storm your mind when doing a masters abroad.  This can be bringing new practices to your home country and so on and henceforth. These ideas may also deviate from the profession to related fields such as architectural journalism, development of software’s and technology in regards to field.


Another great advantage of doing your masters abroad is that you  acquire great number of international friends all having the same basic interests but from different corners of the earth. An important point to be kept in mind while selecting a college abroad is checking whether they have a strong alumni network or not. This advantage can help you in networking with people across the world.


Some of the cons of doing you r Masters from abroad are as follows-


Studying masters abroad is an expensive proposition. The degree can cost you anywhere from  20Lakhs to more than 60 lakhs per year according to the location and the type of college selected. This we understand is out of the reach for most students. But do not loose heart, there are many scholarships that you can try for. We will be writing about them in the coming posts. An important thing that has to be kept in mind is the return on capital invested, bringing us to the next point.

Decreasing  ROI-

The decreasing rate of return is another factor which should be kept in mind while going for a masters abroad. The rate of return is actually computed while keeping in mind the cost of the capital(money) invested along with the interest spent on getting the degree in comparison to the incremental salary or the money made from your business per year. So if this rate is lower than the capital invested you  might have to rethink or redesign you master’s degree.

Not Relevant –

A major issue that might face with your masters is that it might not be relevant in respect to the set practices and standards in the country that you want to work in, after doing your masters. This needs to be thought of way in advance before admitting yourself for masters in a college abroad.

No Use or Scope-

The use and the scope of the degree that you  invest in is another point that needs to be kept in mind while opting for your masters. For example- if you major in landscape architecture and wish to work in a third world country, your additional prospects of doing that master’s degree will not be that much as compared to a developed country’s need for a landscape architect.

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