Redefining Luxury in Hospitality


There has been a conspicuous revolution in hospitality industry in the past decade. Luxury has constantly been a prime aspect for F&B projects. Even though exclusivity serves as a crucial criterion, the concept of luxury, globalisation and digitalisation have also placed their stalwarts in the idea.

With growing number of consumers, the demand for luxury options has increased over the years. As travel these days has become more accessible, present-day personage is well-travelled and appreciates the finer things in life. Travelers today want substance over style and it becomes a designer’s responsibility to create a clear distinction in the luxury market with their creativity and innovation. 

While cost is not a leading factor in the lives of elite class nowadays, they look forward to an unexpected experience out of everything. Their zeal for discovering a wow factor in almost everything navigates their vocabularies to believe that experience is more highly valued than consumption.

For achieving this wow factor in our projects, we at DesignEx aim to amalgamate style, comfort and worldliness together. We believe in creating spaces that are multifaceted in nature incorporating distinguished design-scheme. Some features that we include to add up on the glistening factor to our hospitality projects are described below:

Blending Heterogeneous Design Styles:

Designers outline their projects such that they showcase versatility, blending heterogeneous styles so that the users can experience a cacophony of essences. Our project ‘PVR Home’ is one such example of luxury which caters to its distinguished patronage producing an out of the ordinary experience. Shelling out an international vibe, this place presents its crux as a fine blend of genres that have been adapted from all-around the world. It is a members-only club with contemporary sophistication of a European style residence. The quintessence of diverse design styles can be felt from initiation in an exclusive lift lobby impersonating the entrance of a beautiful residence, modelling a London walk-up apartment.

Using a typical design scheme: 

One can always use a completely deviated furniture palette or colour scheme from the design style of a space which maintains the intrigue of the patrons. Like in PVR Home, we have consolidated furniture serving as an assortment of colorful hues while the walls pertain primarily to white tones. The furniture pieces range from contemporary to colonial, depending on the defined experience that space has to offer. The dining, adjacent to the music lounge, utilizes a splurge of mustard & vibrant blue furnishings while the bar comprises of cherry stools in a tropical theme, highlighting the divergent color scheme of the area.

Unconventional Design Elements:

Unconventional design elements can also be a part of an offbeat endeavor. Unconventional material palette may be subsumed to get the legitimacy of a luxury project. In the entrance lobby of PVR Home, a stunning chandelier from Mud Studio in South Africa dangles from the illustrious ceiling. The area is cladded with mirrors, giving the space an infinite look, adding a subtle yet exclusive persona to the entry. Also, a vestibule contrived with stained-glass wall and wooden paneling serves as the way to the washrooms, granting the sphere a radiant persona.

Enhanced Landscape Features:

As urbanization is on its peak these days, people prefer to dine-in at open spaces that include numerous green areas aiding to their visual and psychological needs. Hence, designers tend to incorporate a green aspect in their designs, customarily on rooftops treating them as terrace gardens. Elaborating on the terrace at PVR Home, it’s Alfresco Dining invites users to a lush, fresh and vibrant ambience enhanced with a fancy chic character. The landscape design here aims to infuse connectivity between the built environment, the users and the natural environ circumscribed around us. With vertical planters as well as potted assets along the line of the walkway, the design makes a conscious effort to unveil the sustainable aspect of the structure. 

Thus, for a design to stand out for its out-of-the-box creativity, the designer ought to keep in mind the current trends, luxury being the key aspect. It is prime for a designer to strategize their design process and establish his/her pioneering ventures into the world of new era of architecture and interior design.  Ar. Smriti Raheja Sawhney with DesignEx, aims to retain her root ethos of giving an experiential touchstone to the millennials and HNIs through her luxurious designs.

About Author

Inherently talented, Ar. Smriti Raheja Sawhney was brought up in an architectural household. Her keen attention to detail, endeavor of revolutionary design while keeping a hold on the reality pushes her towards excellence in execution. Since her childhood, Smriti had a creative vision of taking her design heritage forward, choosing fine arts in her 12th. Her journey towards the architectural destiny started at TVB School of Habitat Studies where she learnt the intricacies of the built world. Tutored under practically oriented professors, her perspective about the thriving market scenario became distinct and definitive. Further on, she started off her career in Citadel India, offering online design research and solutions back in the 2000s. With the passion of design thriving in her, she was soon to realize her reduced knack for a desk job. She started working for her father at sites, gaining the opportunity to travel around the world, grasping knowledge and ideas beyond books and materials in India. With her eyes set on making Indian architectural prowess, in 2001 she started her architectural firm naming it DesignEx - an amalgamation of design and execution. With just 6 architects and a small management team focused on integrating the clients into the planning phase while realistically realizing those aspirations, DesignEx worked on major projects and went from a room with 4 desks to 2 large offices in Delhi NCR and Kolkata. Today DesignEx primarily works in the F&B sector with more than 25 restaurant chains as their clientele. The clarity of thought and concept design that she brings in is derived from her varied experience and leaves a lasting impression. Being a firm believer of ‘form follows function’, her designs reflect a relatable interface and an organic touch, much like her role model- Frank Lloyd Wright. Having executed wonders after wonders in the design industry, it’s not hard to see how Smriti manages to maintain high aspirations. Some of her celebrated projects include Home Delhi for PVR Director’s Cut, Anidra, Punjab Grill, Mistral, L’Opera and SETZ. Being a veteran in the industry has not stopped her from pursuing personal life passions. She is a motorsport enthusiast with Podium positions in National level TSD rallies and more than a semi-pro singer. Her strength is replicated more vehemently in her commitment to keep the team at DesignEx unambiguous about their objectives in delivering uncompromised and top-notch design compositions.

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