Are there any Placements available after doing Architecture?


The prospect of getting a placement after doing architecture is dull saying the least. Most people are deterred by this fact and do not choose to pursue the profession due to this fact. But our counter is that to understand the situation in totality one has to understand the profession as a whole.


The above example is a typical example which shows how architecture competes with fields such as engineering in terms of placement opportunities.

Architecture, one must understand is a creative field. Unlike, in other professions such as Engineering, Chartered Accountancy, Medicine and others, architectural firms ( the recruiters) do not hire a person according to the grade that he or she gets but according to something popularly known in the industry as your portfolio.

Basically the portfolio is the collection of designs or projects worked upon by the graduate or in general by an architect. As the collection or the portfolio is reviewed upon the creative prowess of the candidate the placement process cannot be as streamlined as compared to one in engineering.

Thus, in place of a company coming to a campus fro placements most students apply to companies or firms of their choice for employment. Many a time, it is the same office the graduate has interned in the fourth year.

The average starting salary is between Rs. 15,000 to RS.25,000. Also, at this stage, something we should mention is that getting admission into NITs and IITs for architecture is an advantage in terms of placement opportunities.

Both of these colleges in general, allow their architectural students to sit for placements not related to the field. What this means is that a plethora of opportunities open up and in some cases the architectural students of the college are recruited into fields such as IT, core engineering and many more. In such cases, the salary of a graduate can range anywhere from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 200,000 per month.

Coming back to the topic, the main reason why placements do not happen in the case of architecture is that the profession is more favorable towards those who start their own practices.It is an eventuality in the case of architects, to open their own offices unless they are working for a large corporate( which is rare) or if they are totally against opening their own business.

Also, something to be understood is that the smaller companies cannot afford an architects pay after the architect crosses a certain experience level. This is because most of these offices will then be able to hire more architects or draftsmen in the same pay bracket.

Thus, in conclusion, we would say that thought the placement process is not like the other industries. This should be understood  that there are jobs available for graduated architects though the process is not conventional.

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