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So many of you will be thinking that what is the percentage of girls to boys in architecture ! The answer is quite simple the ratio of girls to boys is healthier as compared to other courses such as engineering. The ratio in general though, would not be better as compared to as Delhi University.

So the answer to the question posed here is quite simple. The ratio varies from 30 percent towards their bare minimum side to as high as 70 percent in some colleges. Thus, it can be said that the colleges in the field have a healthy girls to boys ratio. Know let us dwell into what the reasons behind this phenomenon are.


The following are the various factors which decide this ratio for B.Arch. in India.

Location of the college-

The location of the college is a major factor which decides this factor. So if you are thinking of taking admission into a college located in a remote place, be prepared for a pitiful ratio. Examples of such colleges are BIT, Mesra and NIT, Patna.Some of the reasons behind this is that families generally feel more comfortable if their daughters are closer to their homes.

Selection Criteria-

The selection criteria of the college is also another factor which comes into play when talking about this factor. Colleges which take admission through NATA ( National Aptitude Test for Architecture) have a higher chance of a healthier girls to boys ration as compared to a college which takes admission through JEE Paper 2. This is due to the fact that more boys appear for the JEE Paper 2 as compared to NATA. This is due to the fact that a higher number of boys with an engineering background give the Joint Entrance as compared to the number off girls. Many a time the Jee Paper 2 is given by many as a backup.

Availability of Proper Hostels and Other Infrastructure –

Another major factor which comes into play is the availability of proper hostels and infrastructure for girls. Many a time this is a major hindrance which deters  many a bright student from taking admission into a college as staying outside the collge campus is a strict for many families.

Quality of College-

At the last but not the least the quality of the college plays a major role in deciding the factor. There might be many exceptions like in the case of IIT Kharagpur wherein girls would travel far distances to study n the college.

Thus, in general we can say that the average girls to boy ratio in an architectural college in general is 40-50 percent. Admission to any college especially for girls would depend on one of the many factors listed above.

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