WHAT IS NATA-National Aptitude Test In Architecture ?

The National Aptitude Test in Architecture, commonly referred to as the NATA is one of the main exams that one has to give to become an architect in India. It is necessary for admission into all private colleges (leaving a couple of exceptions) and the regional government architectural colleges in the country. Thus, to say the least it is an important exam that one has to give to be an architect.
 The National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA), is conducted by National Institute of Advanced Studies in Architecture (NIASA) which is a body of Council of Architecture, New Delhi in India. The National Aptitude Test in Architecture  is a national level examination for admission to undergraduate courses in Architecture. The test measures the aptitude of applicants for a specific field of study, i.e. Architecture, in areas like drawing and observation skills, sense of proportion, aesthetic sensitivity and critical thinking. From 2017 onwards, NATA exam will be conducted once in a year on 16th April 2017(11 AM to 2 PM) via offline mode.
Result announce : By 10th June 2017
*No further examination shall be held under any circumstances for those who will be unable to appear on the scheduled date and time of NATA-2017 examination.
Let us understand in detail all the technicalities in relation to this entrance exam.
  • Qualification:-
a) 10 + 2 or equivalent passed / appearing with Mathematics as on the subject of examination;
b) 10 + 3 Diploma (any stream) passed / appearing recognized by central / state Govt. with Mathematics as on the subject of the examination;
c) International Baccalaureate Diploma passed / appearing after 10 years of Schooling with Mathematics as compulsory subject of examination.


  • Time- The exam is typically held in once in a year on 16th April 2017 (subjected to change yearly) via offline mode.
  • Duration-  The duration for the exam is 180 minutes.
    First 90 minutes
    Mathematics – 30 MCQ – 60 marks
    General Aptitude – 30 MCQ – 60 marks
    There is no negative marking.
    Last 90 Minutes
    Drawing (Two Sets) in A4 Size Paper – 2 Qs x 40 = 80 marks.
  • Syllabus & Sections-

The National Aptitude Test in Architecture generally contains three sections. Namely,  architectural/general aptitude, mathematics  and sketching skills. Let us understand the various sections of the exam in some detail.

  • Architecture Aptitude-

 This section generally contains questions in regard to famous buildings, famous architects, building materials, color theory. Algebra, Logarithms, Matrices, Trigonometry ,etc are some topics to be covered.

  • General Aptitude-
This section generally contains questions pertaining to mathematical reasoning, common sense, ability to deal with numbers and riddles. This part is similar to the JEE MAINS PAPER-2 exam .
  • Sketching-
This is arguably the most important part of the entrance exam. Candidate has to attempt two questions within 90 minutes. The candidate is supposed to sketch  a good quality realistic sketch complete with rendering. The questions are generally pertaining to real life situations such as sketching a rainy day in a market and so on. The candidate is marked on his/her quality of sketch, realism, rendering and sense of perspective.
The drawing aptitude is judged on the following aspects –
  1.  Ability to sketch a given object proportionately and rendering the same in visually appealing manner;
  2.  Visualising and drawing the effects of light on the object and shadows cast on surroundings;
  3. Sense of perspective drawing;
  4.  Combining and composing given three dimensional elements to form a building or structural form;
  5.  Creating interesting two dimensional composition using given shapes and forms;
  6.  Creating visual harmony using colours in given composition;
  7.  Understanding of scale and proportions;
  8.  Drawing from memory through pencil sketch on themes from day to day experiences.

The Answer to each question in the ‘drawing’ paper will be examined by more than one examiner independently and the marks are to be averaged. The primary emphasis in scoring the drawing section is on the candidate’s drawing, imagination and observation skills.

For more detailed syllabus click below –


National Aptitude Test In Architecture – The Syllabus



  • Tie breaking rules for overall score

Unified merit list of candidates will be published in NATA-2017. During merit listing, all candidates would get unique rank. Therefore, if more than one candidate gets the same overall marks, tie breaking logic would be applied in the following order:

1. More overall marks obtained in Mathematics test component

2. Less wrong answers in attempted ones of Mathematics test component

3. More overall marks in problems of Aptitude test component

4. Less wrong answers in attempted ones of aptitude test component

5. Earlier date of birth

Application has to be filled up ONLINE at the NATA portal of NIC http://www.nata.nic.in


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