I am not good in Maths..Can I become an Architect?


Many of you will be thinking that I am not good in Maths..Can I become an Architect? This is a relevant question which confuses many a student and architectural aspirant. The aim of this post shall be to answer this simple question which lingers in many peoples minds.

A common misconception about studying architecture is that you have to be great in mathematics. Let us look into if this stereotype holds any truth or not. According to us, there are two parts which go into becoming an architect. The first is actually getting into an architectural college and the second is going through with the 5 year curriculum that the profession demands.

The first step demands that you clear the entrance exams for the college/colleges that you want to study in (Refer to Which Exams do I have to give for B.Arch. in India? ). As discussed in the Which Exams do I have to give for B.Arch. in India? post, mathematics will consist of a third of the Jee paper 2 which is for the government architectural colleges. For NATA ( National Test for Architecture), which is for the private as well as state based government architectural colleges, basic aptitude questions shall be asked. Thus, in short a basic understanding of mathematics is required for NATA and a higher level of understanding of class 12 Mathematics is required for the JEE paper 2.

The second step is to go through the 5 year curriculum that the profession demands. In terms of the use of maths during these years and the proficiency required, we would say that you would need to have a basic hold of the subject. The subjects that require mathematics in architecture are as follows- structures, basic mathematics in 1st year and estimation. Structures as a subject requires you to understand basic level maths and physics, basic mathematics which is generally taught in 1st year requires you to have 12th level grasp of the subject. Estimation as a subject only requires commonly used mathematics.

Thus, in conclusion we would like to say that for studying architecture basic level mathematics and grasp of the subject is required. This is in contrast to other professions such as engineering in particular.

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    • Aditya Ranjan Sinha Roy on

      Architecture is all about being creative…Being creative can be evolved over time and is something which is developed over your college years. So we think that you can give architecture a try ! 😀

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