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A common question that most people ask when they prepare to appear for the Joint Entrance Exam Paper 2 commonly referred to as the JEE Paper 2. So what is the paper about, what are its sections and it’s marks weight. The aim of this post will be to clear all of these doubts that most people have in regards to this exam.

Let us first understand for which colleges is this exam given for. This exam is given for all centrally funded institutions that teach architecture as a course along with some other private institutes. The following are some of the colleges which come in the ambit of this exam- . The paper is divided into various sections :-


This is arguably the most difficult part of the paper. The section comprises of 30 questions ranging from  Matrices and Determinants, Complex Numbers, Quadratic Equations,Permutations and Combinations, Limits, Continuity and Differentiability to Probability, Statistics, and Mathematical Reasoning. This section is of 120 marks.


Basic Aptitude –

This is the most scoring portion of the paper. This section is of 200 marks and comprises of 50 basic aptitude questions. The range of the question varies from mentalability questions, 3-d visualization,analytical reasoning and architectural aptitude about material study, colour theory and architectural works and terminologies.



Drawing Aptitude –

As an aspirant of architecture one should know how to sketch his views and thought process. This comes handy in the future, though you need not to be very good at it to become an successful architect.

Do you have to be good at Sketching to be an Architect?


The topic includes free hand drawing, 2-d and 3-d compositons, perspective drawing, memory retention, dimensioning of objects and creative story telling. Having good rendering skills is always a plus point in such exams as good presentation of the drawing fetches good marks.



Their are 2 questions in this part carrying 70 marks.

Remark-   Use colour pencils or crayons on drawing sheet. Do not use water colours. 

The test is of 3 hours duration. The maximum marks are 390.

An indepth analysis of the question paper in always necessary and with all the study material available one can easily score high. All the best !

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