Is it worth it to go another city for college?

So many of you will be thinking that is it worth it to leave you home town for college? The answer is not that simple and depends on totally on you. But what we can do is present the facts in front of you. Let us list down the pros and cons of the decision at hand.
Let us start with the pros of the decision. Let us start with saying that the move will certainly help you to become an individual. Staying on your own, caring for your own self and staying away from family for long periods of time will certainly help you become independent and make you come out of the shell that a student enters while staying at home. This also helps students enhance their creativity on topics of their interest whenever they want to.
Many a start up and innovative idea that are shaping the world today were thought of by students at that age. Also, a very important point to be noted is that a lot of time wasted at home is saved and can be usefully diverted to useful and meaningful activities which can be used to brighten ones career prospects. Staying in a different city also helps students to get acquainted to different environments and communities.
The following are the cons of going to another city for college. Acquiring vices such as alcohol and drugs in the extreme cases is definitely a con. Getting into the wrong friend circles and doing wild stuff are also cons associated with going to another city for college. The affect of these cons though, is totally dependent upon the student. If one chooses to stay away these cons only makes ones choice resolute.
Some of the other cons include living in uncomfortable hostels as compared the comfort of ones house. Eating unhealthy food also becomes a part of college life which definitely should be counted as a con. Though, something we shall make very clear is that these cons are dependent upon the student and how he or she deals with it. For example, making an effort to have fruits on a regular basis can surely help improve ones health during college. These cons can also be viewed as pros as one only becomes stronger after going though uncomfortable situations that one doesn’t want to go through.
Something which should be kept in mind while opting for another college is that a lot of money is spent as living expenses which otherwise will not be spent if you would go for a college located in your hometown. A minimum of Rs. 10,000 more is spent per month per student which can be saved if you study in a college located in your hometown.
“The easier the road is the harder the result and the harder the road the easier the result.”
Thus, in conclusion we would like to say that the affect of these pros and cons are totally dependent upon the person one is and that the college years of one’s life can be the most formative and valuable years of ones life or can be a total waste of time.
We would say that if you are getting a good college which is in a different city, go for it…

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