How good is the Department of Architecture in NIT, Jaipur?


Let us first understand the various aspects of the institution and the department before jumping to any conclusions to whether the department is great or is bordering on the average side.

NIT- The brand

The National Institutes of Technology are one of the premier groups of government run institutions along with the IITs which are known throughout the country for producing great engineers, architects and a stream of other technology related professionals. Thus, to be a part of this elite group is definitely an honor and adds incredibly to your CV.

About NIT, Jaipur the institution-


The college earlier known as the Malviya Regional Engineering College (MREC), was established in the year 1963.  As can be understood, the institute has a tradition and infrastructure which comes along with one when an institution is that old. It is widely considered to be the best college for engineering in Rajasthan and ranks as one of the best institutions in the country.

The Campus-

The campus is 100s of acres large and boasts of a large number of academic blocks, laboratories, a sports complex, football fields, staff quarters, a state of the art computer center (Prabha Bhavan), a number of old and new hostels and canteens. The lush green campus is designed to refresh your mind and is the first thing that strikes you when you enter the campus. The campus also boasts of state of the art tennis courts, kabaddi grounds and a newly built enormous lecture theater.

The Department of Architecture and Planning-


The department of Architecture and planning was opened for admissions approximately 30 years ago. Since then the department has produced a number of great and well recognized architects. The intake of students is roughly 60 per year.

Faculty- The faculty in general is great. A number of well experienced professors constitute the faculty of the department. Most of the faculty has graduated from the top colleges in the country ( IITs, SPAs and NITs) as well as from abroad. Most of the professors also have a lot practical experience as well as the academic knowledge base needed. This especially for the students is a great plus.

Semester and Exams- The degree is broken down into 10 semesters. Each semester has 3 exams. The semesters are interspersed with summer vacations ( 3 months) and winter vacations( 1 month). This is a great advantage of the college which is not present in other colleges. These vacations can be easily used to accumulate the practical experience requires in the industry in the form of internships and vocational trainings.


Daily-The daily life of an architectural student in the college is generally envied on by the others in the college. The typical day starts from 9 and ends at about 4 in the evening. However, there are many days when the classes get over before lunch. After this, the students generally get busy with sports, dramatics, music or whatever it is that pleases them. This generally followed up by dinner at the hostel mess.  The food in the mess is as in the case of other colleges is as good or as bad as you perceive it to be. This is generally followed up with fun with the friends in the hostel, computer center or else in the common rooms in the hostel.

Comparison with other colleges- The department of Architecture and planning of the college is one of the best in the country. The hands on experience that the students get, the experience of the faculty, workshops conducted only adds to the fact. The college can be placed on the same level as compared colleges such as other NITs, SPAs and even the two IITs which have architecture as a branch.

Thus, in conclusion one can say that the Architectural Department of the college imparts holistic development both in terms of the profession and personality as well and can be a good collge choice if one wants take on architecture as his or her profession.

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  1. Sir i have got air 1069 in general category, i also live in jaipur city only;
    So should i opt for mnit jaipur or any good college is available.

    • Aditya Ranjan Sinha Roy on

      Hi Utkarsh,
      Yes, you can go for MNIT, Jaipur. Else, if you can shift to Delhi, opt for SPA,Delhi.
      Let us know if you have any other questions.
      Best of luck.

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