Government Vs. Private Architectural Colleges

Many of you will be thinking what is the real difference between a government and a private architectural college in India. To say the least, the difference is a lot. The priorities of the college types differ. The main differences between the two types arises out of  the ownership of the institutions.
Let us understand in detail the differences between the two.
Admission Process-
The process for admission into government architectural colleges is quite different as compared to private colleges. Entrance to the government colleges are mostly through JEE mains 2 for the centrally funded technical institutions (CFTI)and NATA for the regional governmental colleges. While admission into the private colleges is either through NATA or through individual exams held by different colleges.
Quality Of Student Intake-
The quality of student intake is generally better in governmental colleges as compared to its private counter parts as the admission process is more difficult. There are exceptions to this. For example, Sushant College of Architecture, RV College of Architecture, Rizvi College and other colleges are considered to be one of the better colleges for architecture in India.
The fee in government colleges is lower as compared to the private colleges. This is due to the subsidy as provided by the government. In some cases, the fee of private colleges as compared to some government colleges is as much as three times. For example, Sushant College charges as much as Rs. 5 lakhs as compared to the Rs. 1.2 lakh charged by NIT, Jaipur for a year.
The infrastructure too is better in the average government college as compared to the average private college. Though private colleges are better maintained, they lack for in magnitude of investment which the governmental colleges make up for.
The faculty which teaches in government colleges are generally more experienced. Some of the best architects are known to teach at government colleges such as the SPA, Delhi. This is because architects prefer to attach themselves with a good brand name which in turn helps them create a name in the industry and get projects.
The curriculum followed in government colleges is more rigorous as compared to the syllabus followed in private colleges. Essentially the same thing is taught, the intensity by which it is taught is greater in government colleges. Though private colleges too work hard, the main thrust of research and learning in government architectural colleges falls upon the student.  This helps make students more self dependent.
The scope after getting a degree from government college is more as compared to a private college. This is due to the fact that it is tougher to get admission into government colleges, the quality of student intake is greater, the infrastructure, faculty and so on are better in governmental colleges

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