Which Exams do I have to give for B.Arch. in India?


Many of you will be thinking about which exams do you have to give to do Bachelors of Architecture (B.Arch) in India? Many students and parents alike are perplexed by this question. The aim of this post is to answer all the questions that you would have regarding the topic.

There are three categories of exams a student can give to be eligible of admissions at an architectural college in India. They are as follows-
  • NATA (National Aptitude Test in Architecture)
  • JEE Paper 2 (Joint Entrance Exam)
  • Individual entrance exams held by different colleges
Let us discuss each of these categories one by one.
The first exam which one can give is the National Aptitude Test in Architecture or commonly known as NATA. This date of this exam is set by you. This can be according to when you are prepared to give the exam. This exam can be given even before you give your board examination of class 12. A couple of things to be kept in mind is that any number of attempts can be given for the exam. It is approximately a two hour exam having two portions- namely- General Architectural Aptitude and Drawing Skills.
The numbers carried forward for admission into the colleges is only average of the attempts given. All admissions to major private and many governmental colleges(such as CEPT, colleges in Gujarat(MS University..etc.), colleges in Maharashtra(Sir JJ College)…etc.) is through the NATA exam.
Th second exam which should be given if one wants to pursue architecture is the Joint Entrance Exam paper 2 or commonly known as JEE 2. The eligibility for the exam is that you have to have is that you need to be from the science stream. The paper is a three hour examination which comprises of three sections, namely- Mathematics, Aptitude and drawing. The results of the examination are generally declared with that of paper 1. This examination is required to be given if you want admission into the SPAs, NITs and BIT Mesra. The colleges are generally allotted through the Central Seat Allocation Board (CSAB).
The third category of exams to be kept in mind are the separate exams held by individual colleges for the B.Arch course. This includes the one held by Jamia Millia and other colleges in the South.
Also, if you are wondering of how does one get admission into the two IITs through architecture, it is through qualifying through JEE paper 1. The seats are then allotted to the students at the two colleges (IIT, Roorkee and IIT, Kharagpur) through their JEE Advanced ranks. This is generally followed by the AAT ( Architectural Aptitude Exam). Only students who have cleared the JEE mains are eligible for this 3 hour exam which is held in the 7 district centers. The syllabus for this exam consists of basic architectural aptitude related questions and a drawing related section too.
Thus, these are the major exams which you need to give if you want to pursue architecture as a profession in India.

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