Is CGPA Important for Masters?


Many of you think about how CGPA is important for masters in India and abroad? Do I need to work on my CGPA so that I have a better chance of getting into the best colleges is another question that crosses many a mind. The aim of this post will be to answer these basic but important questions that most architectural students have.

Most students ignore the importance of CGPA in architecture. But the reality is that there is indeed a lot which can be done with a good CGPA. So our recommendation will be to keep your CGPA as high as possible.The following is an article inspired by Pamaljeet Singh Sidhu an architect who has just completed his bachelors and has opened up his own design firm.

According to him , CGPA has immense importance and one should try and keep it as high as possible. The following are some fo the points which should be kept in mind for this discussion.

  1. Even if you get direct admission into an IIT for architecture, a low CG-PA lesser than the minimum will mean that you shall loose out on the seat.
  2. Some colleges in the US and as well as in Europe have a high weightage for the CGPA (marks in qualifying degree). This can be as high as 70-75 percent.
  3. Most Colleges whether in India or in abroad keep a large enough weightage CGPA (marks in qualifying degree) as a requirement for admission into their college.
  4. Also, if you want to go into teaching, your CGPA will be taken into account. A higher CGPA will definitely have an edge.
  5. Also, if you are gold medalist or have a CGPA of above 9.0 there are provisions in many collges including the IITs wherein you can do your PHD without a masters degree. The only thing is that you cannot be a PHD assistant in the first two years of the course.

Note- Though the thesis grades are generally not included in the CGPA, thesis holds immense importance both for a job as well as for masters abroad. Most applications for masters abroad will include details which need to be filled for the final year thesis.

Note 2- If you want to take admission into one of the IITs as a PHD student you have to have done your bachelors from IIT or NIT.

In conclusion, we would like to say that as a student one should not ignore the importance of CGPA (marks in qualifying degree) as it has many advantages. Something which should be kept in mind is that all your focus as a student should not be spent on your CGPA has a lot of weightage is also given to extra curriculars, extra projects and endeavors done, competitions taken part in , research papers so on and henceforth.


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