About Us

Architecture specially in India was hardly a career choice and was not considered as a profession just until a couple of years back. But in the last couple of years, the profession is staring to take of. Students are joining architectural colleges in the hordes and so are people looking for architects to make their dream buildings into a reality. Thus, it is safe to say that the future of the profession in the coming years looks sunny.

The reason behind this phenomenon is the surge in infrastructural requirements of the developing country that India is. Also, a growing upper class specially in the urban areas, is giving a boost to the industry. As more and more, students aspire to become a part of the profession, there is a serious lack in terms of understanding the requirements of the profession. A lack of career counselling at the school level is one of the reasons behind this along with the false impressions of people of what skills are required to become an architect. This kind of stereotyping can be understood when somebody automatically thinks that you are a great artist just because you are on your way to become an architect or you are already one.

Our aim at Talk Architecture aims to bridge the gap between architecture the profession and architects the people behind the profession. We shall raise and hope to answer questions that we as architects or aspirants ponder over at night.We shall also help you along the way, by providing all types of study materials, libraries so on and henceforth at our disposal through our blogs and our archives.

We hope that you follow us in the coming years to become better architects and at last but not the least understand the profession as it stands as a whole.

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