7 Ways of Pulling an All-Nighter In Architecture


So many of you will be thinking about how to pull the all-important all-nighter in architecture. Let us start this post by saying that if you can please try and avoid it. Please read out post regarding how damaging your health is a big con of the profession. A big contributor to this aspect is pulling all-nighters.  However, if you think that it is unavoidable, let us help you to do one successfully.

Stock Your Self with Midnight Munchies-

After working non-stop for a number of hours, it is inevitable to be hungry. So stock yourself with something that you can munch on. A valuable piece of advice is to try and eat healthy food. This one conscious effort will definitely make you live longer!

Take short breaks to refresh yourself-

Make it a habit to take short breaks in the middle of your all-nighter. This will help you boost your energy levels and will also help with your creativity. Another valuable piece of advice is that do not take too long breaks as this will beat the purpose of the all-nighter itself. A common mistake that people make is that they elongate their breaks for too long and divulge from their work.

Keep Hydrated-

Make it a point to keep yourself hydrated. This will help you overcoming possible dehydration. It has been proven time and again that keeping yourself hydrated helps you remain healthy in the long run. So make it a point to keep hydrated !

Stop Using Social Media-

Restrict yourself from using social media, especially during all-nighters. Using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other commonly used social media campaigns distracts and makes you spend your valuable time on checking statuses and posting random selfies in regards to your so called ‘All-Nighter’. So if you are pulling an All-Nighter, get back to your work that is only after going through this post.

Keep Yourself from Taking Sleeping Breaks-

Make it a point to keep yourself from taking sleeping breaks, even if you do put an alarm. We suggest this as sometimes the sleeping breaks converts itself to a good night’s sleep. You wake up the next day, with almost no work and a jury to attend. That certainly doesn’t seem inviting.

Make sure you are working in the company of the right people-

If you plan to pull an all-nighter with people who have no intensions of working or sleeping through half of it, you can bid farewell to a good jury the following day. So make sure you are working with the right people, even if it means you have to work alone.

Think Positive-

This is something that most people under rate. In reality, it can do you wonders. If you actually believe that the work that you set out to achieve will be done, you stand a greater chance of doing so in comparison to someone who doesn’t. So think positive to go the distance.

Make a Plan & Go by It-

Another pointer that can go the distance is to create a plan and stand by it. Create a time table and write it down on a piece of paper. An hour by hour account of the things that have to be done will certainly keep you in track and will lead you towards a great jury.

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