7 Reasons to Choose Architecture Over Other Fields?


Many of you will be thinking that what is so special about architecture that I should spend the next five years of my life studying it? The question is without doubt valid. The aim of this post will be to produce the most amazing 7 reasons of becoming an architect.

You can become your own boss

Architecture is a profession which allows and in fact encourages an individual to start his/her own practice. This basically enables you to be your own boss and provides you the financial freedom that you always wanted.


The amount of flexibility there after you become an architect is amazing. The creativity inherent in the profession allows you work at your own pace.

Social Status

The social status of being an architect is definitely an advantage. Think about it, how many times have you met an architect and what is the first thought you have of her/him. The general impression that people have of an architect is that he/she is an extremely qualified professional that can do wonders in terms of creating your dream house or building.

Financial Incentives-

Though an architect’s pay in his or her initial years in low as compared to professions such as engineering, an architect generally starts earning a lot especially when he or she crosses the 10 year experience mark.

Physical Fitness-

Architects generally are fit people. This is due to the work profile of an architect. As an architect, you have to visit a number of sites to check their progress, work late into nights so on and henceforth. Thus, it can be said that the profession demands a lot of physical work.

You get a new set of eyes-

As an architect, you start viewing everything through a different set of eyes. You start getting into the detail of everything that you see and observe the beauty of everything that you view.

Your buildings live longer than you

The buildings that you design as an architect survives for a longer time than you. Unlike other professions, the work that you do on a daily basis survives the test of time and is appreciated through the years. In our opinion, no other profession can match this advantage and thus, architecture as a profession is unparalleled and like no other.

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