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Does Higher String Tension Give More Control and Spin ...

Players often say “high tension strings bite into the ball giving more spin.” (“Biting” is used in common tennis parlance to mean creating more friction by increasing the space between strings for the ball to sink into; using rougher, stickier, textured, or shaped strings to “grab” the ball; using thinner strings to dig into the ball; or using higher tension to increase surface contact forces.)

Spin and Tennis String Movement

String tension makes no difference to spin. String gauge makes no difference to spin. ...

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What Is The Best Tennis String Tension? – My Tennis HQ

The best string tension for most players is normally between 48 and 54 lbs. A looser (lower) tension offers more power, but stringing tighter enables better control. Beginners will probably want more control, so may prefer a tighter tension at first. Strings lose tension over time, and pros, who use a very wide range of tensions, get very frequent restrings to avoid this.

Tennis String Tension | The Ultimate Player's Guide + Video

Yonex EZONE 98 (305g) 20-27 kg / 45-60 lb. You may also find some of the tennis strings you ...

What String Tension Should I Use in My Tennis Racket ...

Here are the tension ranges we’d aim for the first time you get your racket strung: Nylon/Gut: 50-60lbs (22.5-27kg) Hybrid: 46-56lbs (21-25.5kg) *Because polyester is a stiffer material, string 2lbs (1kg) looser than nylon. Example: Poly at 51lbs (23kg), Nylon at 53lbs (24kg)

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Top 5 Best Tennis Strings For Spin in 2021 - Tennis Reviewer

This string can offer both a lot of power and spin-based quality elasticity. Without spin properties, the string may feel a little out of control once it loses tension. For those who look for strings that help out their elbow, wrist, and other joint pain problems, this is a great solution without breaking the bank.

What Tension Should You String Your Tennis Racquet At ...

Whenever a tennis racquet is strung, be it at the factory to be sold as a pre-strung frame or by ...

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Stiffer strings reduce the trampoline effect, crush the energy out of the ball, and hit a slower shot. However, because the rebound from the racquet is slower, you can swing faster and the net result might be a faster shot. Tension Loss: All strings lose tension.