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My Favourite Solo Tennis Practice Drills Hit Against The Wall. One of the most underutilised practice tennis tools is a wall, and it's a great way to improve... Work on Stroke Mechanics. All high-level tennis players have one thing in common – the correct fundamentals for stroke... Serve Practice. ...

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One of the best ways you can improve your tennis game is by hitting against a tennis backboard or wall. Forehand Drills. The first exercise will be hitting as many forehands as you can handle in a row. If you imagine a power scale of 1-10, 1 being the softest you could possibly hit and 10 being your hardest shot, start off on level 4-5 and build up as the drill carries on.

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Hit one volley against the wall, and then hit the next ball to yourself, by tapping it gently upwards. When it comes down, volley it into the wall, and then repeat the two-step process.

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With the volleys, you will need to step in closer and the timing will be much quicker. Volleys take more practice and getting used to than groundstrokes, but practicing them against a wall can be very beneficial to your game. Alternating Drills. Similar to the progression drill, alternating drills involve hitting your shots off-center, or at an ...

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Tennis Wall Drills | 20+ Drills To Improve Using A Practice Wall.Working on your tennis game on a tennis wall is one of the best ways to practice and improve...

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What Are the Best Tennis Wall Drills and Practices? The best tennis wall drills and practices are forehand drill, backhand drill, and a serve. You should also not miss practicing a return of a serve and volleys since they are normal strokes shot by experienced players. Once you can manage to hit up to 10 balls in a row, as in the above section.

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“I’m not a huge fan of volleys against a wall (not very realistic) but it’s definitely better than nothing” A good way to practice volleys on the wall is to place a 4×4 plywood board up against the wall at a slant and hit volleys off it. The more angle and the closer to the board the easier.

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Backboard Wall Drills for Tennis Get Your Spacing Right. The ball comes off a wall differently than it will from an opponent's racket, so you'll have to... Forehand. Take some thick painter's masking tape or chalk and make a 2.5-by-2.5-foot square above the net line painted... Backhand. Again using ...