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Love In Tennis | Learn What The Term Love Means In Tennis

Love in the tennis scoring system translates to a score of zero within a single game. For example, if you’re serving and you win the first point of a game, then the score would be 15-love. With that in mind, let’s do a quick review of how the score of love fits into a single game by outlining the point system quickly. Love: a score of zero.

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As you can see, love equals zero, 15 equals one point, 30 equals two points, and 40 equals three ...

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On the other side, the term “Deuce” is used for the score of “40-all”. It also means two in French etymology. If the score in tennis is “15-0” then it is also called as “15-Love”. Similarly, for the score of “30-0”, it is called as “30-Love”. But when the score is tied at “40-all”, it is often called as “Deuce”.

Deuce in Tennis: A Rookie Tennis Player's Guide

There is no direct relationship between ‘love’ and ‘deuce,’ but you may deduce that Deuce is often followed by love. The term ‘Love’ in Tennis implies a score of ‘zero.’ On the other hand, “Deuce” refers to the score 40-40 or 40-all. Let us try to understand this in terms of scorecards. Suppose the score is “15-0”, then it is referred to as “15-Love”. Likewise, the score of “30-0” is called “30-love”. Now consider the score of 30-30.

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Advantage Scoring 40-40 is usually called deuce in tennis language. The player that wins a point at 40-40, or deuce, gets advantage. Why is it called love in tennis? At the beginning of the game, when both sides have no score, the game is love-love because in tennis, love means having a score of zero or nil. Others theorize that love arose from the French word for “egg,” l'oeuf, because a zero on a scoreboard resembles an egg.

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If the opposing player scores the next point, the game once again heads to deuce. 0 points = Love; 1 point = 15; 2 points = 30; 3 points = 40; Tied score = All; 40-40 = Deuce; Server wins deuce ...

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