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soccer players get more concussions than football players? ...

Well they are about the same they always have concussions

Concussions are a major concern in ...

'Something that's forever': Concussions are a major concern in youth soccer – here's what is being done to combat them.

Soccer Concussions: Myths, Facts, & Recovery | Cognitive FX

For women, soccer is the #1 concussion-causing sport.

Soccer concussion rates for teen girls rival football, study says

Concussion rates in U.S. high school soccer are much higher for females than males, according to a UNC study published in Pediatrics.

Concussions in sport - Wikipedia

Concussions, a type of mild , are a frequent concern for those playing , from children and teenagers to professional athletes.

Soccer Bans Heading? - The Ringer

Backed by research and growing concussion awareness, U.S.

Soccer : The Effect Of Concussions In Soccer - 1945 Words | Bartleby

An injured soccer player is lying on the field holding her head.

Concussions In Soccer - 1000 Words | Bartleby

Free Essay: More and more kids are getting injured just from playing soccer.

Soccer, Football, Baseball, Basketball And Soccer - 800 Words ...

Free Essay: Throughout the world soccer, or futbol, is the national sport.

Concussion Gender Gap: Why Girls Suffer More Head Injuries

A new study, published in the journal Pediatrics, found that girls who play soccer are at nearly the same risk for traumatic brain injuries as boys who play football.