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4-4-2 Formation - The Ultimate Coaching Guide

In a 4-4-2 formation, some teams play with a support striker or number 10 off of the main target man or speedy striker. It almost ends up as a 4-4-1-1 formation as the other striker drops off into the hole and uses their creative skills to bring others into play around them.

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The first 4 (Defenders) Let's start right in front of the goalie, there is a back-four standing wide (players 2 to 5). Player 2 and 5 are the left and right fullbacks and players 4 and 3 are the center backs.


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A 4-4-2 formation is most popular, while others play a 4-3-3 or 3-5-2. There are so many options even playing a 4-5-1. All of these numbers mean this: Let’s use a 4-4-2 for example – the first 4 is the defender, the 2nd four is the mids and the 2 is the forward position. Goalkeepers: Numbers 0 or 1. Center Backs / Central defenders: Numbers 2, 4, 5

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Image from soccer-training-guide.com. Pros. The chief benefit of the 4-4-2 is its simplicity. It provides a solid basic structure with defensive depth and attacking numbers, with clearly marked roles.

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Soccer Positions By Number 4-2-3-1. Download. P.04. Soccer Positions By Numbers 3-5-2. Three Defenders – Five Midfielders – Two Forwards. 11v11 Soccer Positions ...

System Of Play – the 4-4-2 Diamond Midfield

The Foundations of the 4-4-2 (Diamond Midfield) Please read our article “ System Of Play - The Foundations of the 4-4-2 (Flat Four) ” and " System Of Play - Basics of the 4-2-3-1 ". Those talking about 4-4-2 (correct: 1-4-4-2), often reducing the system to the “Flat Four”. Whereby 4-4-2 not only means our playing with a double row (two back-fours).

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Accordingly, the following numbers were applied to the jerseys of the players, corresponding to the positions they played: First Numbers and Positions 1 – Goalkeeper 2 – Right Fullback 3 – Left Fullback 4 – Right Halfback 5 – Center Halfback 6 – Left Halfback 7 – Right Wing Forward