Why is my Project getting Delayed?


Many of you will be thinking in regards to what might be the reasons behind the delay of your all important project? Is your contractor and architect making excuses or do they have some valid reasons behind the delay of your project. Let us find out some valid reasons for which your project might be delayed.

Climatic Factors-

Climatic factors such as monsoons and extreme weather conditions might be hampering the progress of your project. Unavailability of labor, materials,  logistical inefficiencies and disruption of building activity are just some of the causes of this massive problem.

Unavailability of Materials-

The unavailability of materials is a major factor which reduces the speed of construstion and sometime even brings it to a halt. This might be due to excessive demand in the market, climatic factors, logistical problems and so on and henceforth.

Labor Related Problems-

This is a major factor which causes construction delays, specially in countries like India. This might be caused due to festivities, extreme weather conditions, excessive demand and low supply of labor. If your project is getting delayed it is most probable that it is due to this reason.

Lack of Planning-

This problem generally arises when there is a complete lack of project management and lack of planning in general from the architects end. Symptoms of this problem might be seen when there is disorganization of labor and materials on site, inefficiencies related to material usage and so on and henceforth.

Regulatory Requirements-

A major problem that you might encounter while building your dream project is that you might be waiting for governmental clearances. This takes a lot of time and energy and is a major cause for project delays.

Legal Issues-

Legal related problems is something that is common, when constructing. This might be in the form of land related disputes, problems with the existing welfare societies, disputes with the government departments and so on and henceforth.

Regular Change of Design-

Without even knowing it you might be the reason behind the delay of your own project. Too many changes in your design might mean that you are satisfied with the final outcome, but this leads to a lot of extra work for the contractor, structural engineer and the architect. The estimate will need to be revised along with the design of the building. And don’t forget that it will eventually need to be executed. All of this will result in delays.

Breakdown of Machinery-

Breakdown or the unavailability of machinery at site can also lead to severe delays. The delay also depends on the ability of the contractor to fix the machinery or to replace it with new machinery.

Mundane Building Methodologies-

This is undoubtedly a major reason behind construction delays specially in the smaller town and cities. Some examples of this can be using labor to transport materials to the topmost floors of buildings rather than using pulley systems and so on and henceforth.

We hope that this post was helpful in making you understand what might be the reasons behind the delays of your dream project.


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