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From the rich mix of Western concern for new materials and techniques and traditional building knowledge a vocabulary of design is being forged and leading the way are these pioneers of Indian architecture that show a blend of versatility, uniqueness – the Famous Architects of India. The below mentioned list gives a brief idea about a few famous Indian architects along with some of their works.

  • Bijoy Jain


“My interest lies primarily in doing what I do, with care. As an architect, the way you imagine opening a door, developing a chair, designing the texture of a wall or a floor, is very important. It’s about quality, about the consideration you apply to the making of something. And it’s about being attentive to the environment, the materials, and the inhabitants. It has to be inclusive. ”

 -Bijoy Jain

  1.  Nominee for 2017 Pritzker Prize
  2. M. Arch from Washington University in St Louis, USA in 1990
  3. Worked for Richard Meier  from 1989 to 1995
  4. Works presented in many venues like the Alvar Aalto Symposium, the Architectural League of New York ,  XII Venice Biennale and the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Canadian Centre for Architecture
  5. Finalist in the Agha Khan Awards 2010 Cycle
  6. Norman R. Foster Visiting Professor of Architecture at Yale University
  7. University of Hasselt, Belgium bestowed an honorary doctorate on Bijoy Jain in 2014
  • Awards :

  1. Global Award in Sustainable Architecture (2009)
  2. Seventh Spirit of Nature Wood Architecture Award, Finland (2012)
  3. Third BSI Swiss Architecture Award (2012)
  4. Grande Medaille d’Or from the Academie D’Architecture, Paris, France (2014)
  • Works :

  1. House on Pali Hill, Mumbai


2. Copper House II, Chondi, Maharashtra


3. Tara House, Kashid, Maharashtra


  • Sanjay Puri


  1. Awarded with over 100 International Awards
  2. The only architectural firm to win 4 Plan Awards in Venice & 4 Cityscape Awards in Dubai in 2016
  3. Won 8 World Architecture Festival Awards
  4. Won 5 Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture & Design Awards
  5. Won 5 Architizer Awards , New York
  6. Won 14 Mipim Architectural Review Awards
  7. Won 3 Hospitality Design New York Awards
  8. Won 8 Indian Institute of Architecture Awards
  9. Won 7 Indian Institute of Interior Design Awards
  • Awards :

  1. MIPIM Architectural Review Future Projects Awards
  2. WA Community Awards U.K
  3. The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture & Design Awards
  4. the European Centre for Architecture & Urban Studies International Architecture Award 2011
  5. The Hospitality Design Award 2010,New York
  6. Build Architecture 2016 Award for Best in Sustainable Design , U,K
  • Works :

  1. Ishatvam 9, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India

ishatvam- 9

2. The Origami House, Pune, India


3. Auriga Restaurant, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Auriga- Restaurant

  • Anupama Kundoo

Anupama- Kundoo

“My designs are not driven by the worry that the world will end, but by finding ways to make the most with what one has.” – Anupama Kundoo

  1. Graduated from Sir JJ College of Architecture, University of Mumbai in 1989
  2. Awarded the Vastu Shilpa Foundation Fellowship in 1996 for her thesis on “Urban Eco-Community: Design and Analysis for Sustainability
  3. PhD degree from the TU Berlin in 2008
  4. Professor at UCJC Madrid
  5. Taught Urban Management at  TU Berlin
  6. Author of ‘Roger Anger: Research on Beauty/Recherche sur la Beauté, Architecture 1958-2008
  7. Honourable mention in the ArcVision International Prize for Women in Architecture for ‘her dedication when approaching the problem of affordability of construction and sustainability in all aspects’.
  • Awards :

  1. Dr. V. D. Joshi award for the best Ferrocement Structure (FSI)
    For Light Matters
  2. Arc Vision Women Architect of the Year, Honourable Mention
  3. Architect of the Year, Category Group Housing, JK, India
  4. Young Enthused Architect Category, A + D Awards, Honourable Mention
  5. Architect of the Future, Indian Architect & Builder Award
  6. Architect of the Year, Category Young Architect, Focus State Tamil Nadu, JK, India
  • Works :

  1. Shah Houses, Auroville, India


2. Wall House, Auroville, India



  • Rahul Mehrotra


“Architecture is not the sole means by which the city defines and represents itself.” – Rahul Mehrotra

  1. Chair of the Department of Urban Planning and Design at the Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD),Cambridge
  2. Master’s Degree in Urban Design from the Graduate School of Design at Harvard (1987)
  3. One of the founder members of the Kala Ghoda area rejuvenation movement
  4. Executive director of the Urban Design Research Institute (1994-2004)
  • Awards :

  • Works :

  1. Think Tank Retreat, Valpoi, Goa, India


2. Two Bay House


  • Eugene Pandala


  1. Fellowship in Heritage Conservation at University of York and at Fort Brockhurst English Heritage Training Centre in the U.K
  2. He designs buildings with natural materials, landscapes with biodiversity conservation, and native vegetation, preferring interesting organic forms.
  3. In 2011, Lalith Kala Academy awarded him the first Laurie Baker award.

  • Awards :

  1. The Designer of the year Award  by Inside Outside design magazine in 2007
  2.  Heritage Conservation project in East Fort Trivandrum was chosen for a commendation award by Inside Outside magazine in 2004
  3. Commendation award, by J.K. Foundations, Architect of the year award (1999)
  4. His Tsunami rehabilitation project for Malayala Manorama and buildings for hospitality industries receives wide acclaim due to its interwoven complicity with nature.

  • Works :


1. BANASURA HILL RESORT, Wayanad, Kerala


2. The Raviz, Kollam, Kerala

The- Raviz,- Kollam-, Kerala

  • Sandeep Khosla


  1. Studied architecture at Pratt Institute, New York
  2. Home Review magazine picked him as one of India’s eight leading designers
  3. Construction World Magazine named him as one of the countries’ top 10 architects
  4. Won 16 National Awards
  • Awards :

  1. Inside Outside Designer of the Year Award, 2010
  2. Won the Commendation Award for the Best Public/Institutional Project for Delhi Public Kindergarten School at Trends Excellence Awards for Architecture and Design
  3. ‘Education’ Category winner at the INSIDE World Festival of Interiors 2013 in Singapore
  • Works :

  1. Krishnan House, Banglore

Krishnan -House

2. DPS Kindergarten School , Banglore

DPS- Kindergarten- School

3.  Cliff House, Kerala


  1.  1990-91 – America Institute of Indian Studies, Research Fellowship
  2.  President of CEPT University in Ahmedabad
  3.  Dual Masters and a Doctorate in City and Regional Planning from the University of California, Berkeley in 1995
  4.  2000 – Salzburg Seminar Fellowship
    • Awards :

  1. 2008 – CED Distinguished Alumnus Awards, UC, Berkeley
  2. 2003 – Prime Minister’s National Award for Excellence in Urban Planning and Design
  3. 2001 – AR+D, Emerging Architect, Commended Award
  4. 2001 – World Architecture Award
  5. 1998 – UNCHS, Best Practices Award
  6. 1992 – The Aga Khan Award for Architecture
  • Works :

  1. Ahmedabad Management Association, Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad- Management- Association

2. Arvind Mills Corporate Studio, Ahmedabad

Arvind -Mills -Corporate- Studio

3. New Campus for the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

New -Campus- for- the- Indian- Institute -of- Management

  • Romi Khosla


“There should be great complexity in the thought process and equally great simplicity within the building design and process.” – Romi Khosla

  1. Educated at Cambridge University UK and the Architectural Association London
  2. Five-time winner of the World Architecture Awards between 2009 and 2012
  • Awards :

  1. Winner of the World Architecture Awards
  2. Several National Awards
  • Works :

  1. Shantanu and Nikhil Showroom, Delhi

Shantanu - Nikhil- Showroom- New Delhi

2. Jamia Art Gallery, Delhi


  • Hiren Patel


  1. Won “The Golden Pencil Award” in the category of “Community Harmony” at Kohler Bold Design Awards
  • Works :

  1. The Courtyard House, Ahmedabad, Gujarat


2. The Brick House, Ahmedabad, Gujarat



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