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    High extent of functions and ease of operation thanks to 2D- and (optional) 3D workpiece simulation with collision monitoring.

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                    The 2D simulation is an integral part of casumo casinoROTOplus®, and is included in each casumo casinoROTOplus® package. All grinding operations can be simulated on the PC using the 2D simulation. The tool can be cut in a desired position so that the subsequent cross-section can be evaluated and measured. Even details as small as a few micrometers can be analyzed.

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                    Afterwards, the tool cut on the machine corresponds exactly to the simulated tool.

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                                With the integration in the casumo casinoROTO software of 3D tool simulation with grinding process animation and collision monitoring with 3D machine simulation, a comprehensive total solution has emerged offering a wide range of functions and high operating convenience.

                                1. In addition to the 2D simulation, casumo casinoROTOplus® can also be equipped with the integrated casumo casinoROTO 3D software. As with the 2D option, this software provides a perfect simulation of the complete tool.

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                                      Even with the best software and experienced skilled staff, collisions are sometimes unavoidable. A disengaged disc, spindle arbor or attached auxiliary device (tailstock, support) are all possible causes of a collision. To prevent this, casumo casinoROTO and casumo casinoROTO 3D come complete with an integrated collision check, which can also be fully automated.

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