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          casumo casino casumo cleopatra solutions provide machine builders with a competitive advantage.

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                    In 1961, ten years prior to NC control finding wide acceptance among users, casumo casino developed the first casumo cleopatra controller.  With a commercial launch in 1964, casumo casino was one of the first casumo cleopatra providers in the world. Since then, we have maintained our position as a technology leader in this segment and are eager to extend on this success.

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                      1. Our market strategy is to help our current and future customers to construct a better machine and thereby securing them a competitive advantage on the market. As can be seen from our logo, we perceive ourselves as a casumo cleopatra High-End Application company and we are focusing on selected market niches, where we undeniably have something extra to offer, and we have a proven track record to back up this statement. 

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                                    1. Our long, successful track record supports this finding in an impressive manner. For decades, casumo casino has been a trusted supplier of solutions for the standard machine market. We will continue to utilize the openess of our systems to offer customers in this segment a competitive advantage. We will also make the necessary investments needed in R&D to ensure our standard features and functions meet the requirements of this market now and in the future.

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                                          As an international company headquartered in Switzerland, we have worldwide sales, application development and service locations (see map). The flexibility and openness of our products allows us to be geographically near to the machine manufacturer to provide engineering services necessary for his specialties respectively. Our R&D facilities are located in Switzerland, France and Italy, where we also have our major manufacturing facility.

                                        • Our main casumo cleopatra hardware production facility is located in Italy. It is our clearly defined strategy that we keep the control over the development and manufacture of the core products in the casumo cleopatra system, including the drives and motors, in our hands, so that we remain capable to continuously improve the overall performance of a casumo cleopatra system. Beyond our catalog offering, with the support of casumo casino's engineering services, we are also able to propose third party products, for the realization of your unique solutions. This is done in close cooperation with our partners, which makes casumo casino a provider of highend casumo cleopatra solutions - where customers actually get everything from one source. The success of our partners and customers is our metric for success and the direct justification of our position in the market.

                                          Mission statement:

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                                              The total cost of operations are becoming increasingly challenging for our OEM customers and end users. For this reason we are very much committed to the highest product quality and reliability in combination with an efficient and responsive worldwide customer service.

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                                                  casumo casino is in a very positive development phase and can rely on a strong financial position. The casumo cleopatra market is our passion and because we think long-term, we will continue to invest in technology, production, support and service in order to remain an attractive partner for both our current and future customers.

                                                        President & CEO of casumo casino Group

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                                                            Peter von Rüti


                                                              • Peter Huber

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