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Opportunity is the one word which comes to mind while thinking about architecture in India. Yes, the possibilities in the field are immense and are only going to grow as India develops over the years. India is still a developing country, and the scope of architecture only seems to grow. Rapid infrastructure development, government initiatives, the development of smart cities, rapid urbanization, a more well informed and literate population only seems to boost the profession on a regular basis.

Thus, most of us want to know the answer to the basic and the all important question, Why Architecture? Let us try and understand the reasons due to which architecture is going to have a dazzling future in the years to come. The following are just some of them-

Rapid Infrastructural Growth

India being a developing country has enormous potential in the years to come regarding rapid infrastructural growth. India, one of the world’s most populated countries, is extremely backward when it comes to housing and rural and urban infrastructural development. However, this shall not be the case in the years to come as the country develops. As and when we progress, the main thrust of development is always in upgrading the infrastructure of the country. Moreover, when that happens, architects are going to be at the forefront of this enormous growth.

Governmental Initiatives

The government of India plays an important part to boost the infrastructural development of the country. One of the major initiatives taken by the government in this space is the development of 100 smart cities, development of highways, dams and so on and henceforth. These initiatives of the government can only be made possible if the country has talented architects in its ranks. Not only does this boosts work in the field directly but also indirectly. For example, if a highway is being built, or a smart city is being developed, the areas in and around the development also develop. This increases the need for architectural services in these areas even more.

Increasing need For Specialization

We live in an era wherein the need to specialize is growing by the day. The same is the case with architectural services. Building buildings are no longer being left to illiterate or under qualified people. Clients in general throughout the country are opting for highly qualified and experienced architects. Thus, as the years go by it is quite evident that the need for architects and their services is going to grow.

Increasing Awareness in the General Populace

The rising awareness and literacy of the Indian population are also leading to a greater appreciation and demand for architectural services. Thereby, increasing the scope for architects in India. Gone are the days when people would build their houses themselves or sublet it to a underqualified contractor. The age of the architect has finally arrived in India.

Rapid Urbanization

Indian cities are being widely recognized as one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Second only to countries like China. This rapid urbanization in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata…etc. Is giving a much-needed impetus to architectural services in these cities. While these cities are already developed to a certain extent. The tier 2 and three cities like Jaipur, Pune, Kota…etc. are the cities where the real growth is going to take place in the years to come. Thus, if you are and architect, you are looking at a diamond and not a gold mine in the years to come in regards to opportunities.


The scope of architecture in the years to come is going to be immense. Not only in terms of rapid infrastructural growth but concerning the many other fields/options which an architect can pursue after completing his or her course. The following are just some of the things that an architect can after graduation-

Pursue a Job at an architectural firm
Start your architectural practice
Become a consultant
Start working in the capacity of an architect with the government
Start a career as an architectural journalist
Become a Lecturer
Become a Project Management Consultant (PMC)
You can also become a Resident Architect (RA)

These are just some of the lucrative options open to an architect after completing his/her graduation. Moreover, these are just a few, new opportunities and challenges abound in this evergreen field. Every new technology or material which gets launched in the market is a potentially new and life changing opportunity for an architect.

Thus, if you are thinking about pursuing a career as an architect, are already pursuing one or are just an ardent admirer the future of architects in India is no doubt going to be bright. One just has to be creative and dedicated, and success shall follow.





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